When I feel the need for company, I call up my girlfriends and we’ll go out to one of the dog-friendly coffee shops around the city. My personal favorite is Oslo Coffee Roasters, though it’s a bit of a walk. My friends, Kathrin Abel and Suzie Mason, take the bus with me (and our dogs) to Metropolitan Avenue and walk to Oslo from there.

I always order tea of the day. To other people, I come off as a somewhat prissy lady with a bunch of pampered dogs. I’m well aware of that, and I think it might look strange to my friends if I ordered a triple espresso shot, which is what I really want.

After ordering and stirring in monstrous amounts of cream and sugar, our trio of ladies moves outside, where we sit on a bench, gossipping. I’m not sure I enjoy that part. We don’t really have much to gossip on. We work different jobs and live in different parts of the city, but we’ve been friends since college. Also, though none of us wants to admit it, we’re afraid to branch out, no matter how sick of each other we are. So there we sit, week after week, chattering about our mundane lives and trying to make them exciting.

Hopefully, this week is better. The ladies have never met Patch, and I’m sure there will be a flurry of excitement and perfumed kisses all around him. I’m worried, though, that he won’t be able to handle the attention. He’s clearly not the best-trained dog around. Maybe he’ll behave for the women, but I’m not sure.

Maybe after we’ll do some window-shopping, If Patch is up to it. I hope so.

Until next time, this is Lollipop, signing off!



Oslo Coffee Roasters




16 thoughts on “Friends

  1. pawan35 says:

    And you know how to live a life…. Love the way you write and the way you enjoy…. Hmmm thinking of having a tea with You some day…. Be blessed is what I ask Source and Universe may shower on You unlimited happiness and countless smiles….
    Pawan, India


  2. Anonymous says:

    It sounds like you have a charmed life. What IS your job? (Sorry if you’ve already mentioned it, but I don’t recall it featuring very prominently in your life.) And just how many dogs do you have, Dog Lady?


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