Lucinda Banks part 1

My infamous sister, the life-wrecker. Formerly a perfectly normal girl by the name of Lucinda Banks, this girl became the devil incarnate when her surname changed to “Reagan.” She is still considered Public Enemy #1. Wanted dead or alive, but preferably dead.

Just kidding. I’ll always love her to some extent. I think it’s probably impossible, when you’ve grown up with someone, not to love them, even if it’s in a twisted way.

Today though, I’m not focusing on our relationship as it is now. I’m focusing on it as it was back when we were kids. I have three stories about Lucinda and me, so let’s get started.

1. The Car Ride

I think everyone who has ever had a sibling has experienced this. You know what I’m talking about: Those interminable car rides when even breathing on each other was annoying. I’d usually “solve” the problem by drawing a line with my finger and threatening that if she ever crossed it she’d be dead.

The particular car ride I’m talking about was a visit to our grandparents’ house. Lucy (her nickname) and I were sitting in the backseat of our station wagon, trying as hard as we could not to touch. I was seven, so Lucinda must have been five.

We were all hungry and tired. My mom, my dad, and I voted to go to Wendy’s, and Lucy wanted McDonald’s. She broke into a crying fit, so we eventually gave in. I still remember that both Lucy and I got Happy-meals and that she got a toy in hers and I didn’t. That’s childish jealousy for you, huh?

When we got back in the car, Lucinda played happily with her new barbie playset and I lay back and stared out the window, my eyes glazed.


Barbie Playset

Suddenly I heard a retching noise beside me. I whipped around, and saw Lucy throwing up into her happymeal box. She looked at me beseechingly.

“Oh, I’ll tell them to pull over,” I said, as she vomited again, “just give me your playset.” She glared at me but nodded weakly, still retching. I quickly screamed to stop the car, glorying in my own cunning.

They pulled over, checked her out, and decided to take her to a hospital because she didn’t look like she was just carsick. Thankfully, there was a hospital not three blocks from where we were. We drove there slowly, careful not to upset her.

By the time we had her checked in and being looked at, I was feeling pretty guilty about blackmailing her into giving me the set. Not guilty enough, however, to return it to her. I know, I was an awful child.

About thirty minutes later, the doctors announced that the cause was food poisoning. Apparently McDonald’s wasn’t the best choice to go for a meal. She was crying when she came out with Mom. Something about no food for the next day.

Finally, I felt bad enough to give her the playset back. When I did, she hugged me and told me I was the best sister ever, which was all it took to make me feel completely fulfilled.

Until part 2, this is Lollipop, signing off!

Random Art


9 thoughts on “Lucinda Banks part 1

  1. ellenbest24 says:

    Well! You call her horrid names, blackmail her, you really blame her sickness on payback for crying and getting her own way. You were really a…. proper big sister! That is what big sisters do. They pretend to protect you, and do in front of outsiders but secretly terrorise them for being younger. Yep you were just good at being the eldest, the first, the chosen one. Haaa haaaha! 😇 I like reading your blog thank you and happy weekend😇

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Daal says:

    Lolly – love how honest you are – cruel & oh so funny!

    Forgot to welcome you to blog-sphere when I learned that you’re brand new here – hope you’re enjoying it! For all of people’s apprehensions about readers being unkind, have only encountered supportive ones, so hope your experience is same.

    Liked by 1 person

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